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23Reviews online software makes it easy for you to connect with your clients to invite reviews and generate positive feedback. Our software enables businesses to target those sites that have the most impact. Our platform is easy to use and navigate leaving no barrier to customers from leaving a good review.

Getting feeback from your customers doesn’t have to be tedious. With the help of our online review software you can easily collect numerous reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites.

After you provide your service or product to your customer, request feedback from them. You can ask the customer if it’s ok to send them a message asking for a review. Most people would say yes and provide their email, phone or both.

From here an email or SMS message is sent to them via our 23Reviews platform. The prompt message will ask if the customer had good or bad experience.

If it’s bad experience, 23Reviews will ask for details on how it could have done better, and this feedback is sent to you right away so you can get in touch with them and improve before the next customer experience the same.

If the customer had a positive experience, our platform will then direct them to share their experience via one of your selected websites such as Google or Facebook.

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