Customer feedback is a way to improve your business’ services.To be sure that an employee is performing as has to. But a lot companies are really struggling to collection customer feedback. Most of the times this is happening because they simply do not know how to ask for customer feedback.

Best techniques to get more feedbacks:


  • Create short but to the point surveys. There is no point to create a survey that requires a couple of minutes from your customers to complete. Only of few of them are going to give those minutes. Take Delta Airlines surveys for example. They ask only one question: “Based on your interaction, how likely would you be to hire our agent as customer service representative for your business?”. To the point, right?
  • Ask questions to force customers for creative answers. We’ve seen a lot of times questions that are actually able to answer with a “yes” or “no”. With those answers is pretty hard for the company to extract results and built on them. In addition, what about a question like “What could be better in the company” instead “Do you have any frustrations?”. The first question gives to the customer the opportunity to provide a more honest answer.
  • When you are trying to gain customer feedback, always try the sender to be a real person. It helps to gain customers trust much more easily. Even in 2018, sometimes people are afraid to respond to an email where the sender is a machine.
  • Do not include phrases like “Feel free to give us your feedback”. Find word/phrases that will force kindly the customer to give his feedback.


Feedback is giving the opportunity to your business become better. To grow and increase your profits. So do not consider customer feedback as a easy-going procedure. Neither it starts nor is finishes with an e-mail.

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