Starting up a business in this age means that you become exposed and open to reviews on websites and social media platforms.  Fake reviews can be harmful and detrimental to your company. Consequently, they can turn away potential customers as well as send you lower in the SERP rankings.

It is amazing how much power reviews can have. These days, fake reviews are easy to make and can overwhelm businesses. Especially small businesses that do not have the same resources as some large companies do. In order to fix them, spotting fake reviews is the first step you should take.

Identifying Fake Reviews:

  • Check the dates on the review – ¬†Sometimes the reviews that will bombard your business might be close to each other in times. Indicating that it was done by one similar group or person in a short amount of time.
  • Consider the language choices – Consider how the review was written. They could have grammar issues or it might sound unnatural.
  • Check the reviewer’s profile – See if they posted only the negative review, and what else they have reviewed. The profile will be fake if it only that one review. Also see if their avatar is a copy off someone else or take off the internet.

Spotting a fake review is the half the step, for now you have to deal with it. Because you must not let it become an issue. Otherwise you would let it become an issue resulting in potential customers not visiting your business.

Resolving Fake Reviews:

  • Don’t ignore fake reviews – The longer that they are there, the more potential customers that might get fooled by it. This will mean customers might not use your services or buy your products.
  • Do not swing back at the customer – Do not get angry and lash out at the review. It will tarnish your image and make the fake review more relevant in the eyes of other customers.
  • Put away your pride, and do not think every bad review is fake – Sometimes, it could be a truthful review. It is up to you to not let your own pride cloud your emotions and assume it’s a fake review
  • Keep response brief and own up to mistake even if it’s not your fault – It will show others that you are willing to go out of your way to ensure a good experience. They will think your business is trustworthy and worth visiting as well. Even more, offering to fix problem and follow up on them should be done as well.

Now that you know how to fix the issue and deal with it. The question is whether you can do it. Here at 23Reviews, we offer help with dealing with online reviews. We are able to properly identify and fox the fake reviews placed on your business. So, the choice is up to you.

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