Recent survey showed that 80% of the participants trust online reviews when they have to decide which restaurant or cafe are going to visit, or which service suits better to their needs. Therefore, it is really significant to persuade your customers to leave Google review.

Ways to get more positive Google review

First of all, one of the most important features on Google regarding the online reputation of a business, is the Google My Business Listing. Through your Google my business, potential customer is going to be able to learn useful information about your business. Moreover, customer will be able to check out your hours of service, contact information and see pictures that you or other users have posted.

In addition, users will have the opportunity to leave a review about your business, and you as the verified owner, you will be able to answer to those reviews. Keep in mind, answering in every one of the reviews, either they are positive or negative, can prove to future clients that the business cares about its clients.

Furthermore, even if you have created a detailed Google listing with all the information a potential customer needs to know, maybe you do not get many Google review yet. The best way to increase the number of customers reviews is to ask them. In addition, it might sounds a little bit old fashioned, but the best way to ask them is in person! Based on surveys, customers are leaving more often a review after a polite encouragement from the employer who served them during their time in your shop.

Also, an online reviews platform is a great solution to manage your online reviews. They contain features such as to send SMS or email to the customers to remind them politely to leave a review.

Stay active with your online presence

In conclusion, either you choose to manage your online presence by yourself or you trust a professional to manage it, make sure that your online presence is as active as possible. Nowadays, people are choosing the restaurant where they are going to eat dinner or the shop to buy a shirt based in the information they found online about that business. So our advice is simple: stay active!

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