So you got a negative review in Google, Yelp, Facebook or maybe another social media platform? It’s not the end of the world. However,  it is a matter that needs your full attention. Replying to reviews and especially to negative reviews is what can make you stand out from your competitors. In this article, we will dig a little deeper on how to respond to negative reviews. How should the business owner or the social media manager of your business handle a situation like this? Let’s find out.

First of all, the worst approach for a business owner dealing with online negative reviews is to not respond at all. That kind of approach shows to other potential customers that the company does not care about customer satisfaction. But what approaches are recommended for an online negative review?

  • Take a deep breath, calm down and respond professionally to the review. Always have in mind that everything you say in an online platform is visible for anyone. Try to see from the customer’s perspective what happened and why he or she became dissatisfied with your service. When you have enough information, give a final answer. Your goal is not to open an online conversation with the customer. Things may get worse.
  • Respond to the customer with a private message. Most of the platforms, like Yelp, allow the business to send direct messages to the customers. After a quick chat and if you have resolved the issue, politely ask the customer if he can add another comment, that shows the issue has been resolved.

You, as the business owner or the person who manages the social media presence of the company, always should have in mind that from a negative review, the company could benefit. It can show to other potential customers that the business cares about their opinion and have the necessary online presence to resolve any issue immediately.

Managing social media should be the number one goal of companies in every industry. This is the present, and the future too. It is one of the most secure ways for the business to grow, without great cost. Take action now!

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