Have you Googled your business lately? If you have already got some negative reviews, do not panic! There will always be negative reviews because you simply cannot please everyone. In fact, having balanced reviews makes it look more legitimate. Also, quality response to negative reviews from the business owners can show you care about your customers.

In a perfect scenario, you would satisfy every single customer. But in the real world, you cannot because everyone has their own preferences, expectations, desires and wishes. The power of online customer reviews cannot be underestimated because it can seriously impact your business’ online reputation which results in customers’ buying decision. Since you cannot control in the digital world who can publish reviews about your business, but you do have some control over the negative reviews. Most review sites available now allow business owners to respond to any reviews they receive online, whether it is good or bad.

As a business owner, when facing negative online reviews you should provide a response instead of a reaction. Below are a list of tips to follow when you receive a negative review:

  • Respond promptly

  • Be real and admit your mistakes

  • Correct any inaccuracies

  • Highlight your strengths

  • Write like a person, not a corporation

  • Provide restitution if it’s warranted

The best way to respond to negative reviews is to think in their shoes, this can help you to understand their side as much as possible. It is also important to find where the problem rooted. However, this does not mean to find the person to blame but to find out what was the cause of it to be able to solve the problem. When responding to a negative review, being able to explain to your customers what caused the problem shows that you care about their bad experience and willing to improve their next visit.

 Regardless of what was the problem and where went wrong, always apologize to your angry customers. This is to show that their voice is heard and you are willing to work with them on changing that. Usually the initial reply should take place in the original platform where the negative review was published. This is to show other prospective customers who will be seeing the negative review that you are prompt with your customer service. Make sure your response is clear and concise free of emotions because online communication sometimes can be misperceived.

Once you have promptly responded to your negative reviews online, you should always include some form of compensatory action such as a refund, offer of the same service or product at a discount or a coupon. Ultimately your goal is to make unhappy customers happy again and ideally retain them.

If you have done the above said properly, there is a chance that customer might edit, remove or even replace their negative online reviews. Even though this might not be always the case, what you have to keep doing is to get as many positive reviews as possible to push the negative ones down the timeline since most platforms don’t allow business owners to delete the reviews.

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