Online Reputation Management is important in this day and age. The internet has brought about changes all around us. It has completely changed how some industries behave, and have had subtle changes elsewhere. This impact is felt nowhere more than in the financial/business sector. The internet has brought about abilities that changed how things were done. This is especially indicative in how customers view businesses.

The ability and impact reviews have on a business is game-changing and wide-reaching. The reviews left have the ability to sink a business or see an impressive growth. Hence, managing and ensuring the reviews left praise your business is of vital importance. Because through that you can ensure a stream of new customers and improved growth.

But understanding the importance is half the journey, cause, now you have to manage your online management reputation. Yet, don’t fear, cause we a guide you can follow to ensure your business’s success.

1) Developing the right strategy

Before beginning anything, you need to have a plan in mind. Something that you should think out and plan head for and execute. Otherwise, and most likely, your plan will flounder and fail. The first step you should take is to check what your business’s online reputation is like. Hence, tracking it afterwards as well is important. Because neglecting your reputation can spiral out of control and damage your business.

Going into any scenario regarding your online reputation, you should consider several situations.

  • How badly has your online reputation suffered?
  • What is the source of the negative reputation?
  • Is the claims accurate? Can you deny them?
  • What kind of online presence does our company have?
  • Where are the brand’s customers? Are they on Google, Facebook, etc . . .

There are some of the questions you have to answer, and once answered, you can focus on what should be your response to the scenario.

  • What about your company be corrected or improved quickly?
  • Is the company out of touch with customer experiences?
  • What can your company do to collect better feedback from customers?
  • Can your company address the worst case of defamation?

2) Increasing the reputation of your business

The usual reason why a business would need some sort of reputation management is due to unsatisfied customers. It is a known fact that  3.3 stars, on average, is the minimum star rating a consumer would prefer for a business. Like mentioned earlier, despite what your situation is, asking your customers for feedback is the most important step.

Otherwise, there is the positive side to reviews. They can help you identify what is wrong with your business and what to improve. Plus, it is generally agreed that more reviews will be better. Giving them a site or area to discuss their issues can help with decreasing negative reviews as well.

  • Consider training your employees to ask for reviews when doing sales activity with customers
  • Consider opening a conversation with your customer with, “Did you find what you were looking for today?”or “What kind of experience did you have with our brand/product/service during your visit?”
Replying to feedback

If you do it properly, you can turn critics around and turn them into customers who will become loyal to you. If that does not pan out, you can show other customers that you care about their experience.

You need to train the person handling complaints to be tactful. He or she should show genuine concern and care for the customer. By responding to both positive and negative reviews, you prove that you’re listening, and you show that you are interested in the experience they have.

3) Controlling the reputation of your business

Following the reviews that you find to be honest of your business, you have to address the inaccurate or dishonest ones. It is best to deal with them head-on, instead of sidelining them. Do not let them go by, because there are several steps you can take to deal with them.


SEO is something businesses should practice despite of what their online reputation is. The importance of it rises when there is negative reputation surrounding your business online. Since SEO will help you in sidelining the negative reputation and bringing forth the positive towards your business. Place your focus on keywords and ensure you have control over them. The keywords will be related to your business, so ensure you do not let others steer the conversation their way.

Content Marketing

Most of your SEO efforts can be accomplished by utilizing high quality content. You need to have original content, and stay clear of copying and pasting the same things over and over again. People and the search engines want something different and require it to be new. Hence, you can ensure the positivity can supplement the negativity ruining your reputation.

Displaying the reviews you want others to see

You will see major improvements if you showcase the reviews you want potential customers to see.  You can link the reviews or other review sites you wish to be seen and make sure they are on top of the search engine results page.

Things to Avoid

Yet, there are certain steps that simply isn’t worth doing. They have the chance to hurt your reputation down the line rather than helping it. These are called black hat tactics since they only focus on the short term results. Such examples include attempting to bride top-ranking sites, ignoring complaints, manipulating search results, etc . . . Plus, no amount of tactics utilized will help a company that is poor in other aspects. If a client’s customer service experience is awful, it is nigh impossible to improve the reputation.

If you follow the steps above, and ensure you do not carry out unsavory tactics, your online reputation will turn out well. If your business does not have the capability to do online reputation management, do not fear.

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