Hotel reviews are important for marketing your business. 88% of travellers will check reviews online before booking a hotel. User-review sites are ranked as the second-most trusted source of information for consumers globally, only being beaten by personal recommendations from friends. Here are the sites that you should be monitoring and managing:


TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, offering booking and touring services. Every month, 415 million customers look through the site’s reviews on millions of different restaurants, hotels and attractions to compare and determine the best option. Accounting for 25% of all hotel reviews from the top sites, your company needs to be aware of what is being said, not only on your properties but also for competitor’s properties.

Expedia Group (Expedia,, Orbitz and Travelocity)

Expedia is one of the oldest and largest online travel agencies. Listing your hotel through Expedia allows exposure on over 200 other review sites such as Expedia,, Egencia and more. Customers who have booked on the site will automatically receive an email to submit a review. Get started by listing your hotel as a lodging partner on their services page.


Many use Google services on a daily basis, increasing the chance for them to view your hotel. Google makes over 12 billion dollars per year on advertising from the travel industry alone. 81% of users prefer to use Google when searching for a hotel.


Each review on facebook has the reviewer’s name and profile picture attached, giving others a higher sense of credibility to their review and comments. Facebook now has a Yes/No recommendations system that allows for more simple but still detailed feedback. These recommendations from a friend or family member carries more weight than anonymous reviewers, allowing you to use personal recommendations to your advantage.


Now, Yelp allows marketing agencies to become official ‘partners,’ working as the middle man between Yelp and a business. By working with a Yelp official partner agency, you’ll have access to discounted rates for advertising and enhanced Yelp profile. You will also be paying for a premium position for non-brand related searches (e.g ‘hotels in Toronto’ instead of a hotel name), beating out competitors when it comes to visibility. This site is not the most popular hotel review site, but it is significantly less competitive.

The Dutch-based site claims that over 1.5 million rooms are reserved every day through their site and 29 million listings worldwide. There’s no doubt that you should be listing your hotel with numbers like that.

Other sites to consider include:

  • Travelocity
  • Foursquare
  • Orbitz
  • Hipmunk

Optimizing Online Presence

To optimize online presence, it’s crucial to be visible on as many sites as possible.

70% of consumers will not visit or stay in a hotel with negative reviews on cleanliness. Hoteliers and property managers must listen in and monitor their reputation online. What customers say about your business can help you differentiate you from your competitors. Dominate your local competition by managing and encouraging reviews!

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