Asking for reviews from customers is important as 90% of customers will read online reviews before purchasing or even visiting an establishment. This makes writing the perfect email crucial to convert a customer into an advocate for your brand. Read on to find out the 7 tips to creating the perfect email.

Short Subject Line

Subject lines are a summary of what your email entails, this helps readers determine if they should even bother to open the email or delete it with just a quick glance. Brackets are a nice way to include a request at the end of your subject line. Remember to keep it short and concise. Examples include:

  • Please Review “Business”
  • Your Opinion Matters to Us [Write a Review]
  • “Business” Wants Your Feedback
  • Write a Review on “Business” & Get An Exclusive Discount

Make It Simple

Thousands of emails are sent each day for over 1500+ different types of companies. When writing the content for your emails, it has been shown that effective emails include only one or two short paragraphs explaining why you are collecting reviews. To end off the email, include a simple, large button that links to where they can input feedback. When writing the email, think of it like you are writing a tweet. Keep it simple and sweet.

Include A Promotion

By giving out a special gift or promotion code, you are solidifying the relationship between the most important customers (your brand advocates) and your business. You can add a discount code easily to your review collections by including the code on the page after the customer writes their review. E.g “Thanks for your feedback, here’s your discount!” It’s also more effective to reveal the details of the code only after the review to increase conversion. Instead of stating the percentage of discount, just include that the customer will receive a “special discount code”.

Don’t Overwhelm Customers

Don’t make your invitation emails confusing by including more than one message. A review request email should only have one purpose; collecting reviews. So make sure that you don’t include irrelevant information in your content. The perfect email should be quick and easy to understand. Not many customers will take the time to read walls of text in an email.

Customize It

Adding your logo to the review email, will increase your collection rate up to 2%, and it will help in building your brand. Place your business’ logo at the top of the email on the left hand side.

Add A Signature

Don’t make the mistake of coming off as cold and impersonal with your customers. You’ll most likely never meet your customers in person, so building relationships with customers can be extremely difficult. By adding a handwritten signature to the bottom of the email, you can increase trust with future, potential customers. The signature should be no bigger than 150×150.

Send At The Right Time

Beyond creating the perfect review request email, you also need to consider the right time to send the email to your customers. Strategic timing can make a big difference in customers actually accepting the request. There are common, ‘peak’ times when customers are more likely to respond. For example, sending out an email on a friday before the weekend is much more effective than sending it in the beginning of the week when customers are still busy with work.

And those are the 7 tips that will successfully increase the amount of reviews your business receives. These tips can boost your conversion rate up to 10%. If you have any further questions, contact us.

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